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Spotlight on: Social Media Club of Kansas City (SMCKC)

The Social Media Club of Kansas City (SMCKC) is only a couple years old, but has grown in record time to over 1600 members and is one of the strongest chapters in the U.S. Locally, it’s not a paid membership, but joining the national SMC has a wide range of membership options. The club is a pretty tight-knit group of those involved in anything to do with social media in Kansas City. As social media marketing has grown in the past few years, SMCKC has become a sort of stomping grounds for social media practitioners, mostly self-proclaimed social geeks and nerds, to share ideas, test theories and talk ethics. A very welcoming and active group!

Membership: both SMCKC and national offer a free open membership. Professional paid memberships and its benefits start at $100. Because of the broad scope of social media, this is a pretty diverse group in age, occupation, technical level and geography throughout KC.
Activities: with a wide variety of types of activities, the Social Media Club crew stays pretty darn social. Softball and soccer leagues, monthly networking and educational happy hours and the most regular gathering: First Friday Breakfasts at the Kansas City Cafe. This group is especially good at talking about what’s going on, on their Facebook page, Twitter, and through email marketing.
Who’s involved: Anyone who has any interest in social media. Not just for marketing professionals, but for anyone who tweets, posts, tags or enjoys socializing online and offline.

Look to get involved in SMCKC if you’re:

  • hoping for guidance in what’s best practice and etiquette in social media
  • in charge of managing any social media for your company
  • the proud owner of a Twitter account (or more) and want to get connected with other tweeps
  • like socializing (in real life, too) and learning about new technology and new media
  • want to get to know a group of very “loud” — meaning they touch a lot of people when they talk — voices in social media in Kansas City. This group has sort of unofficially become a 2nd “media” for KC, but beware: phonies need not join. Don’t come with your pitch in-hand. Come to be a part of the community!

Join the SMCKC Ning group (their main hub; a free membership) at http://www.smckc.com or join any of their online conversations on Facebook, Twitter and more!


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