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Spotlight on: Young is an internationally recognized organization working toward the goal of access to clean water for the whole world within our lifetime. You may have seen Matt Damon — their celebrity co-founder — on the cover of any number of magazines, including Fast Company this year. You may not know that this powerful organization is based in Kansas City — slightly less famous co-founder Gary White’s home town.

This year, on World Water Day in March, a team of friends launched a new support/advocacy group for called Young We believe (I’m on the founding member team) that the mission statement refers to our generation’s lifetime and that we can start now educating our genY’rs on the positive effect access to clean water can have on the developing world. We also believe in connecting with other people in our age group that feel we have the power to change the world. So on March 22nd, 2012, we hosted a happy hour at Snow & Company in the Crossroads to toast to a better way of life and to kick off a new young professionals organization in Kansas City: Young!

Membership: While we’re always grateful for donations to, this young advocates group doesn’t have a membership fee for now. We do ask that you learn more and Donate your Voice to via (You can allow to update your Facebook and/or Twitter status about once a month for you.)
Activities: 3 larger events per year, focused on connecting young professionals who want to support the mission of clean water and the dignity of a toilet for the world in our lifetime. We’re still a new arm of the larger organization, but we hope to have at least 3 connecting events per year.
Who’s involved: KC’s Gen Y (largely those in their 20’s or 30’s) who care about contributing to the solution to the world water crisis. We have teamed up with the fantastic people within to pull together events and donation and volunteer opportunities.

Look to get involved in Young if you’re:

  • Generation Y/20’s or 30’s ish
  • looking to connect with do-gooders and world changers in Kansas City
  • want to help be an advocate for to our generation

Watch for our event announcements and for ways to get involved on the Young Facebook Page. Hear about our next upcoming event — the Cocktail Crawl in the Crossroads for on July 21st.


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