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Donation Recommendation

A friend sent me a note last week with a request and I thought others may wonder the same:

I have a question that I was hoping you would be able to help me with: I have a wooden dresser that I need to donate. Do you have any suggestions as to a specific charity that might be interested in taking it? They would have to come pick it up and here’s the problem: the movers broke one of the (5) legs on the dresser back in July. I should be able to glue it back pretty easily but do you think charities won’t take it because of that? Other than the broken leg the dresser is in good condition.

Any suggestions?

I have a few key causes I love to support in Kansas City. Harvesters is one of them. Another is Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’ve never been a “Big” but know the program and know of the great work they do. They ask for clothing and small household items that they can sell to their partner Savers, with proceeds going back to BBBS. Visit their site to see when a truck will be near you for pickup. According to their site, though, they’re not taking large furniture at this time.

So, I suggest other options,  like the Disabled American Vets (DAV) which runs the huge thrift store in Waldo. Also, my parents used to leave their donations on the curbside (in Independence) and the American Federation of the Blind would happily come that way to pick it up.

Pick your cause and do a little Spring er, Fall cleaning… These stellar organizations are happy to help!


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