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Brunch on a Weekday

Brunch? On a weekday?? It’s not a myth… After a highly productive meeting with the United Way social media task force last week, buddies of mine were pondering the best spot for breakfast in midtown… on a Thursday.

A discussion I’m up for! I mentioned 12 Baltimore, just a few blocks from the United Way office for something with a white tablecloth. Tossed Winstead’s on the Plaza’s classically delicious yet greasy fare in the ring. My final answer? Succotash.

Succotash is breakfast, brunch and lunch and nuthin’ else. Right at 26th & Holmes, a huge white leather couch instead of “booths,” about 5 mismatched sets of tables & chairs, a fresh-squeezed juice menu that makes the trip worth it alone and the awesomeness that is the “Burrito of Love.” Trust me, this is a rockin’ spot for brunch any day of the week.

Anyone have other brunch spots they love?


One thought on “Brunch on a Weekday

  1. Thanks for your suggestion. I had been a long time ago but for some reason it didn’t stand out because I was quite busy at the time. I had a fantastic breakfast salmon wrap. Great dining experience.

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