if I could score a lunch date…

Surely you all know the question, “If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?”

I finally found my answer. I’ve never really had an answer to that question before. But while reading The Facebook Effect (check out my thoughts in my last blog post), I’ve decided it would definitely be Sheryl Sandberg.

Which may lead (most of) you to ask, “Sure. Ok. Who is she?” She’s Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer and dubbed #2, picked off the vines of the Google Search Exec team. She’s made countless lists of the most powerful women in business (check out the list on Wikipedia). Last year, Fortune named her the 16th Most Powerful Woman in Business, between Disney president Anne Sweeney and retail mogul Carol Meyrowitz.

In April’s Vogue, she’s observed: “An hour after work on a Thursday evening, she can, without a hitch, welcome 40 women into her home for dinner; just before the first guests arrive, she tucks her two pre-schoolers into bed, disappears for ten minutes, then emerges to answer the door in a sleeveless Calvin Klein dress and black Prada ankle boots.” Voila. Sheryl.

She’s a stealth business mind in a man’s market. Class and energy with a healthy sense of philanthropy. Who wouldn’t want to sit down to lunch with this person? In my visions of grandeur (note, I didn’t say “illusions”), I can see myself at a table with Sandberg, soaking up her apparently rapid-fire banter. Among the things I read in the Facebook Effect that lead me to choose her as a lunch companion, I noted that she was chosen, in part, because she never made any mention of being CEO (which was, is and will be the Zuck). I could absolutely relate to and admire being excited about and challenged by running things without having my name on the masthead.

So, friends… if you could lunch with anyone…?


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